Rabu, 03 November 2010

Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy
 An actress is a woman who works to entertain through acting and singing. An actress usually has good physical appearance and ability, so that she can influence her fans. Many fans often imitate actress’ style. In Indonesia, there are many actresses and one of them is Nikita Willy. She is still young but very popular because she started to be an actress since she was eight years old. She is a multi-talented actress, because she can sing and act. As an actress she has many fans. Many of her fans always pay attention to her physical appearance, attitude, and behavior also lifestyle.
The first thing that people see from Nikita is her physical appearance. She has beautiful black eyes, a pointed nose, and sexy thick lips. She also has bright complexion and slim body, but she is not tall. She always dresses well and tidy. Nikita usually wears some accessories like ring, necklace, bracelet, so it can make her more beautiful.
The second is her behavior and attitude, Nikita is a kind woman. Although she is an actress, she is not boastful to her fans, but is easy going to people. She is always friendly and cheerful when reporters interview her. She is a children lover and a girl that has big spirit although she is busy with her job in entertainment. She also tries to study hard to balance her education and career.
The third is her lifestyle, as a popular actress, she likes a luxury life, she is typical of healthy person and she always cares of her beauty. In her luxury life, she often makes her big birthday party. Every year, she changes the theme of her party. In addition, she likes travelling, even goes abroad. She also likes to spend her money for shopping. As a healthy person, she always goes to fitness place. She does not drink alcohol, smoke and use drug. To care of her beauty, she often goes to salon for hair mask, massage, and face treatment.
In conclusion, physical appearance, behavior or attitude and life style of an actress are important, because many people pay attention to an actress, not only from her acting or voice, but also from the three characteristics.

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  1. I think the tittle is too general ;)

  2. in the fourth sentences of paragraph 1, "actress's" word should be " actress' ".... ^_^

    but i think over all are good... : )
    good job, my friend... ^_^

  3. the idea of the essay is firstly depicted in the title. Don't make the reader confused or put in a big question by reading your title,... You have to make it clear and be specific about "who" you describe (the name of the artist), in the title. happy revising :)